11 Place Tour Like in Malaysia

visit to the state of Malaysia, then there are some place tourist you have to visit. What part of the object is already famous in the world, so should you drop by and take a picture in a place this beautiful. As well as in countries in Asia, sightseeing here also includes the beauty of nature, city tour, visit to place of historic or kind of holiday other. What are the mandatory you see in Malaysia? Please read the information below.

11 Place Tour Like in Malaysia

As for the 11 sightseeing Malaysia are famous and worthy of your visit include:

The twin towers Petronas. This tower, besides being a place of tours, it is also the center of shopping mall and office. The height of this tower reaches 452 metres which made up 88 floors. For tourists, visiting building a twin it’s not fun if you don’t climb to the top and look at the beauty of the city of Kuala lumpur.

11 Place Tour Like in Malaysia

Tour in Malaysia

Tower Petronas
Kuala Lumpur Tower. The tower that serves as the means of communication, has a restaurant fancy a spin on it. So like the tower in the city of Bangkok that provides culinary fancy nan delicious. From the Kuala lumpur Tower, you can see the beauty of the city that glitter by the lights at night.
Emergency Highland Malaysia. Place to be at the top of the mountain is cold is runs a resort complete. You can play in outdoor and an indoor theme park like in Sentosa, that pride tour Singapore. Even if you try to train chandelier to be provided, this is an experience that’s fun that’s exciting because across the chasm and the railway is very long.
The Hills Star Malaysia. You could say the place tour this is a paradise shopping the biggest in the country. Usually visitors provide a special time to go around and menyambangi mal-mal interesting. Some of them are: Fahrenheit, Lot 10 and The most often visited. It’s like, you obligated to here.

place shopping in malaysia

The Hills Star
Aquarium KLCC. You ever visit to sea world in Ancol which is a part of the tour Jakarta? This place is similar to sightseeing in the area. If you you come with your family (kids), ask here. They must be very happy.
Rock Caves Malaysia. Was the building of worship of the Hindus are very famous. The shape of a temple in a cave with a ladder that high. In front of him there was a statue of a god Murugun very high (42,7 meters).
China Town. Place tour this favourite for the backpacker or penikmat shopping cheap. Even the hotel available in the area of China Town is the cheapest even if class starry. If you are looking for souvenirs, electronics, clothes or by-by others, this place is the most recommended. Which is interesting, many of the the pijit on the side of the road that will memijit your feet are tired around China Town.

Son Of Raya’s Bridge. For you who like photography, try to take a photo of the bridge is beautiful with the lights-the lights at night. The bridge is very long this be sightseeing typical that shows you’ve been to Malaysia, besides the icon Petronas tower.

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