16 Place Tour Cool on the Poor, Jatim

16 Place Tour Cool on the Poor, Jatim – One object holiday cool that recommended in Jatim (Java East) is a visit place of tourist’s in town Poor and surroundings. The region of the city the cool and bergunung but also has low-lying (the beach) it has a lot of means of recreation that are recommended for tourists. Places well known as a tourist nature (natural), city tour, building, historic or plantation laid out apik made the city Poor as one destinasi vacation popular in Indonesia. Even this city also is one of the alternative line to the Bromo.

16 Place Tour Cool on the Poor, Jatim

As for the popular and must be visited by tourist which are:

Beach Stone Bengkung. This place in no time to be sightseeing the Poor are so popular, after one of the television show “My Trip My Adventure” do gathering national in here. The beauty of the beach that have the angle perfect it’s very worthy of your visit. There’s sand white, coral-reef terjal and lapping waves that hit the cliffs around it. Travel as far as 57 KM from the town Poor to the south, ie to the village Gajahrejo district Gedangan is what you should aim for. A long journey berliku enough exhausting going to be “paid off paid off” if you suddenly. Ticket entrance for tourists a cheap, less than Rp. 10,000 per person.

the beach on the poor

Beach Stone Bengkung
Square city Poor. Park city is packed like the garden in the country Holland has dozens of pigeons are flying free. You can feed like in European countries. Besides, on a Sunday morning, the square city Poor was the place where sport for the community around and the tourists as well as shopping fancy trinkets cheap.

tour in the town square that we poor

Square City
The rock Night Spectacular (BNS). A park picnic is very fun at night. Place tour for all circles of society it provides a variety of the rides of the game with cost affordable. Anything interesting in BNS is the water fountain that decorated lights that can change color according to the music that comes on.

rock night spectacular

BNS Rock Poor
Jatim Park 1. Park recreation Jatim park 1 is about 20 kilometers from the city Poor in the west (towards the Rock). There’s 36 the rides games that you can try. One of the most popular is the pool, the giant with the background a statue of Ken Dedes, Ken Arok and Mpu Ivory. Jatim park 1 in the year 2013 won an award as the tour made that large a national level by the ministry of Tourism. The concept of Jatim Park 1 is a playground and entertainment.
Jatim Park 2. To be in the region of Stone with the concept of the tour learned. There are three zones to be provided by pengelola Jatim Park 2, which are: Zone Secreet Zoo (zoo), The Museum of Wildlife and Tree inn hotel (tree house). The various diorama and cages giant bird is an interesting thing that’s mandatory you visit.

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