A New Application To Create A Video Collaboration

Get the update information of sports match results

Some sporting events such as the United Kingdom League, Spain La Liga, Italy Serie A, Premier League, NBA and several other world-level sporting events already integrated with the Series well. As a result, by asking a series of those games, we’ll get an answer accurate about sporting events that got missed. Practical and sophisticated, like asking a friend of his own.
A New Application To Create A Video Collaboration
Want to find information about movies in theaters? Ask Siri!

Not only know the information about the results of sporting events, the series turns to find out information about newly released films and is being circulated in the cinema. Users can also find 6 iOS info regarding the film with a certain actor or movie rating based on the version of Rotten Tomatoes. Given the large number of users of Apple products in Indonesia, hopefully the next Series can also contain information about movies in theaters Indonesia.

Update your Facebook status or Twitter automatically

Voice Dictation feature included on iOS 6 Siri made we can order the update Twitter status or #Facebook. Punctuation such as comma and point should also be instructed by the use of words such as the word “period” for the command point and “comma” comma for the command. Because the Series was able to translate voice dictation in the language of the United Kingdom, we have to seek the injunction by minimizing accent language Indonesia to minimize the occurrence of errors when updating the status of the Series.

Looking for locations close to the position we

When we find a restaurant or Cafe confusion around us, then we can use the help of Siri to find it. Simply ask the location of the restaurants or caf├ęs in the language of United Kingdom, then the Series is ready to find information about the location of the word ask. For Indonesia, the new Series is able to find the location of Starbuck in Jakarta. Of course we expect Siri can enrich the database about a number of interesting locations in Indonesia.

The ability to understand the language of the United Kingdom with accents of Indonesia

Indonesia accent that is often used when pronouncing the language of the United Kingdom often make a series of errors experienced in translating commands. But now apparently Technology Series continued first settled themselves in order to understand the language of the United Kingdom with accents of Indonesia.

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Despite new might be used in some Apple products like the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad third-generation and fifth generation iPod Touch, the future of course we expect Siri gets increasingly sophisticated technology provision and in accordance with the needs of the users of Apple products in Indonesia. The technology can be used not only to exist, but should also be utilized to conduct a more meaningful activity.

Facebook riffs

Facebook turns out to be really serious in terms of development by continuing to work and innovate to update or remove an application update. Having previously introduced facebook payment and facebook lite, now company based in Menlo Park, California released its Facebook Riffs.

#Aplikasi which is a video service this collaboration will provide new experience for the users of facebook to communicate with more fun. Connectivity indeed has become a principle of Facebook to continue to produce his works. Facebook has officially releases the Riff on 2 April 2015 yesterday will make social media belongs to Mark this Zurkerberg more interesting and fun.

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