A Peek At The Culinary Business Legitnya Toast Specials

Recognized Nita himself that he is into Business Park unique is that this burger was unintentional. In 2013, he did make the burger first modification to his son. But his burger the unsuspected get good responses from his friends and becomes a recommendation by word of mouth. Until then one by one his friends ordered burgers unique.
Cereal Madre Arbanat

In general the Madre Arbanat presents two kinds of burgers namely salt and sweet burgers burgers aka paoger aka bakpao combined with the burger. On the product, Nita mengkreasikan salty burger bun (burger bread) with interesting shapes resembling animals pigs, chickens, dogs, which contains beef, fish or chicken.

The bagel itself is then created with full color such as red, black, Brown. As for the burger sweet or Paoger own shape can be shaped as bees, frogs, bears in which ice cream is like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

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In its menu dishes, Madre Arbanat 10 presents its own menu which is served for example Madre Brown, Madre, Madre Black Red Velvet, Paoger Dog, until the Paoger Chick. The price start from Rp 36,000 to Rp 42,000 per serving.

Currently Arbanat Madre has been well developed. The reason, the product of these many Nita creations burgers have a place in the hearts of the young. Within a day, Nita confesses can sell more than 50 serving burgers, and it will be more on the weekends. Of the sales, Nita stated that himself could have pocketed up to Rp 50 million turnover per month.
A Peek At The Culinary Business Legitnya Toast Specials
A Peek At The Culinary Business Legitnya Toast Specials

Toast 88

In running the business, the product could be a sharp decisive success differentiator between a businessman with other businessmen. Missteps in determining the products that will be sold, it is not impossible it will drag us into the Valley of the failure. But if you want to take the time to research the product and the market is right, then it would’ve been one step towards success.

A businessman Tangerang has proved it. With a good observation against the potential market there, he could determine what types of products can bring in better profits. Is Tanusolihin, the businessman Irwan #bisnis culinary toast that has been successful with its business brand Toast 88.

After a dozen years, establishing toast starting from scratch, now he provitpun taste sweetness as the fruit of her hard efforts. More information about the stories and struggles of Irwan Tanusolihin develop Toast 88, have been summarized in the following article.

The early Business Toast 88

Irwan Tanusolihin first developed his toast business in 2002. At that time, he has indeed been berancang to build a business with a target i.e. the culinary business. Don’t want to rush, he monitors the first culinary business potential that exists in the region of residence i.e. in Tangerang, West Java.

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