Advantages and disadvantages of cooperation land or Developer

Cooperation land pattern is cooperation between the land owners with a developer to implement a project property, whether the project is in the form of housing, apartments, office buildings or other property products.

Ideally the cooperation of land is for projects whose products sold for breaking up to the end user, so not for the project with the cooperation of system operation (KSO) or with the system Build Operate and Transfer (BOT).

Advantages and disadvantages of cooperation land or Developer

Things to note in this land of which cooperation is the principle of fairness. Just what is meant here is the implementation of cooperation by implementing the principle of proportionate, who bore the biggest risk he is the acquire section at most. In fact the developerlah will bear the risk is greater because the developers working on the project property Perumahan property ponorogo yang bisa menjadi piklihan untuk kita tempati adalah yang dapat di jadikan hunian seper vill bumi batar, Untuk mengetahui cek here Lokasi Property Ponorogo on the land belonging to others rather than on his own land. If it is already working on a project in a location already ascertained that the developer pay for that work. Although the work of the project is still in the stage of land clearing, pengurugan and other early stage work.

While the landlord could be said to be more secure because its ownership in the project is the shape of the land that is not possible you can take them wherever a blur … hehehehe …

So if there is a failure of the project then the developers will lose money while the land is not lost.

Advantages and disadvantages of cooperation land

How to lahanBagi landholders cooperation advantages cooperation of this land is her getting a part of project benefits in addition to get the price of the land. While this land co-operation for developers reduce the working capital needed to cultivate a project . Because it is based on the experience of the allocation for the acquisition of land is taking a portion of approximately thirty percent of the WED project. Be counted the cost of the investment needs of relief if the project applying the pattern to land with the cooperation of landowners.

The loss of this land for the cooperation of land owners is they don’t get money payments over the price of land at once. Temporary developers this is a land partnership losses developers must agree to share profits with the owner of the land. But if we calculate on the basis of a percentage of the profits then it gives the land a percentage of cooperation a greater advantage although a smaller face. Is our choice whether we play at nominal or percentage.

Calculate the magnitude of the result

Actually calculate the magnitudes for the results of the project should be detailed with attention to the magnitude of the part of each party in the project, in order for the results of fulfilling the principles of Justice. The magnitude of the part of the landlord can be seen by comparing the percentage of the price of land with RAB project. So the higher the greater the land price also part owner of the land.

But most developers do not count with the system because it’s too complicated while the landlord generally doesn’t want to listen to that tricky-tricky, although for the purposes of internal or making of feasibility study of the project requires a detailed calculation. So the disimplifikasi system by offering options for the results to the owner of the land, such as the 80:20, 70:30, 60:40, 50:50 or vice versa. For example if the developer offers a pattern for the results of the 70:30 to the landlord, then part owner of land is thirty per cent of the net profits of the project.

If the price of land is less than the price of a building or location just perfect built simple healthy Home (RSH) serves for a more suitable result is 80:20 for developers.

cooperation lahanDemikian also if land prices approaching the building price permeternya the developer could offer for the results with a system of 60:40 for developers. Whereas if the price of land of equal or greater when compared to the price of the building then for a reasonable result is 50:50 or with the agreement of another.

The thing that should not be overlooked, if the landlord ask for a cash advance over the soil then the portion of the profit also becomes smaller.

Keep in mind also that the portion of profits that will be offered to the owner of the land does not have to be as above. You as a developer can offer for the results of any such pattern with all the landowners agreed by yeah OK-OK only.

To ensure the implementation of this cooperation should be made later written agreement with notaril deed in order to have a more binding legal force. In the cooperation agreement are listed each of the rights and obligations of the parties, accompanied by sanctions if one party tort …

Congratulations on becoming a developer …

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