Best hotels in semarang from the reader’s point of view

Semarang that is one of the favourite tourist, not just the D’Traveler. The loyal readers of this DetikTravel have had places of devotion of time traveling to Semarang. What the heck?

Best hotels in semarang

As well as one of the great cities in Central Java, Semarang certainly had not a few tourist sites. Since the start of the tour events to shopping tour, there are spring rolls in town. So it is no wonder, if not a few tourists including the yg D’Traveler admire the charms of the capital of Central Java.

Monday-Tuesday 19-20 November DetikTravel the other day, deploying polling regarding the destinations in the city of Semarang on its loyal readers. Wrote very enthusiastic akbar indicated by the D’Traveler. From the diverse answers influent, the result against Thursday (22/11/2012), bringing together 5 location become space Idol so readers traveling to Semarang:

1. Lawang Sewu (34%)

For the part of the traveler, stop by the Lawang Sewu i.e. law on mandatory vacation to Semarang. The building aged is indeed one has so his landmarks the city of Semarang. To the extent that some 34% D’Traveler already make it so super in Semarang.

Lawang Sewu i.e. historic building in Semarang. Building on the legacy of the Netherlands invaded Central Java. These factors seem brighter than the typical style of the propertied architecture of the building of Europe. Formerly, Lawang Sewu is yg railway headquarters used by the Government of the Netherlands, also known as the Nederlandsche Indische Spoorweg Maschaappij (NIS).

Apart from its history, Lawang Sewu i.e. wrote a beautiful tourist destinations. Lawang Sewu means thousand doors. The nickname born of citizens due to the number of the door window yg gede size &. Create can enter into the building of magnificent picturesque, tourists pass to pay 10,000 Rupiah only.

Long hallways & yg ceiling height two-story building at this level, so a typical view in it. From the large Windows, visible from above the height of Semarang. Rober!

2. The old town (28%)

If Jakarta had Sepuh town area, as well as along the old town of Semarang had a reply. This is namely the trading centre of Semarang to 19th century to 20. But its charm is not exhausted until there only. Until now, the attraction of the old city can be menghipnosis number 28 prosen D’Traveler.

The old town is not far from Simpang Lima Semarang, the distance is approximately 10 minutes away wearing a motor vehicle. Arriving there, as though You are invited back to the first period. Advanced buildings strung age still appear chic here. This area is surrounded by the River, then the Supreme path & seems like yg is a city within the city.

The old town as well as the nickname ‘ Little Netherland ‘. It is due in the region to stand solidly building relics of Netherlands. Building with door window reply & memperkental increasingly European feel of akbar in Semarang. During the weekend, many travelers come to reply here. The old town also so one of the rooms create a pre-wedding adulation.

3. Simpang Lima (23%)

If the other one is the most popular Simpang Lima Semarang is. It’s a yg is matching airy arena in the city centre. Simpang Lima selected number 23 prosen D’Traveler kala vacationing in Semarang.

Variegated movement of residents of Semarang performed here. This Airy arena so the estuary of the 5 major roads at once, is the hero, Jl Jl Pandanaran yg so Center gift shop, Jl Ahmad Yani, Jl. Gajah Mada, Jl. & with Dahlan. It is no wonder, if not a bit yg wittingly tourists come to this location.

Simpang Lima as well as Foundation of which is the square of Semarang, wrote at the beginning is Kauman. Alas, the area has been so Kauman village shopping center.

In addition to the population of Semarang, travelers wrote happened to stay at the many hotels near Simpang Lima do various activities here. Simpang Lima and sports activity centre in the bathtub last week. The room was also known as the reply didn’t get to sleep. aside from morning until afternoon hri, but lively Simpang Lima 24 hours.

4. Market Semawis (7%)

Well, if this one is fun to hang out in the area of Semarang on the middle of the night last week. The name of the market, this is a center of Semawis culinary yg was in Semarang city Chinatown. This midnight market selected a number of 7 prosen D’Traveler.

The area also known together wrote the name of the Waroeng Semawis is open every week-end, middle of the night is Friday, Saturday & weekend. This market since it started in the open against th 2004, the establishment of joint Chinese New Year coincided also as hri national holiday. Until now, the market is Semawis so longest hawker centre in Semarang

Semarang city midnight hri with lantern in its Chinatown district so stylish You accompany yg collaboration eating culinary delights. Almost entirely tourists yg comes here looking for average meals typical of Semarang. Traditional food to fashionable reply is here.

5. Places of worship Big jateng (5 prosen)

Don’t need all the way to Medina made can witness magnificent picturesque places of worship, a place of worship is apparent. Due to Semarang have yg replikanya very, very similar, complete with payungnya reply is able to open the closed by means of automatic &. Yg building is given the name of a place of worship a huge amount was chosen jateng 5% D’Traveler.

This place of worship is the way the elephant Kingdom, Semarang. Because payungnya yg as a place of worship in the Mosque, creating a place of worship is very, very attractive to tourists. Not even the slightest traveler from out of town coming together accidentally reply to see the powerful umbrella.

“There is a giant umbrella 6 yg exactly along imaginable on the Prophet Mohammed,” said the Chairman of the Executive Board the General place of worship Gede jateng, Subiono on DetikTravel, Wednesday (21/12/2012).

This place of worship was able to accommodate up to 15,000 people. In front of it, there are tons of stones weighing 7.8 yg taken quickly from the slopes of Mount Merapi. The exception is the space of worship, a place of worship was utilized for the education agenda & syiar. Uniquely, the architecture of places of worship Gede jateng is a combination of Arabic, Javanese, & Rome.

But unfinished at Semarang 5 destinations only. The city of recurring yg th each on 2 May this masihlah have not the least exciting tourist area. I.e. the Sam Poo Kong Shrine (2%), Umbul Sidomukti (1%), Ambarawa train Museum & (1 prosen) any reply so the favorite D’Traveler.

If You plan on traveling to make Semarang in near future, ga is no harm to try yg vacation area became a favourite readers DetikTravel. Or perhaps You have another Idol tour spaces at Semarang?

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