Burger Unique Modification of culinary business patisseries

Burger Unique Modification of culinary business patisseries – Culinary ventures in Indonesia is indeed being grown with stretched. The greater its potential thanks to the existence of a creativity that is displayed by the perpetrators. Creativity and innovation is indeed something required by any business to survive, exist and advanced grow. But without innovation and creativity, then a product or idea will be experiencing saturation and eventually dry up and disappear swallowed up the Earth.

Culinary product is one of the areas that require creativity and innovation. The high degree of saturation in this field should be the Foundation and basic framework for anyone who wants to dive into the world of culinary #bisnis. Then no doubt when the then emerging business entrepreneur menhadirkan culinary delights of the menu with a variety of shapes, flavors and names that are unique and interesting to be able to grab sympathy heart customer.

It also ended up making a serious then Liana Nita try your culinary business by presenting Madre Arbanat, a modified hawker burger with interesting and rich in flavor. Then what kind of cereal Madre Arbanat creations Nita Liana is actually? Following his review.
Early Stand

Of the response and a good response from people around that, then later Nita ventured to set up Arbanat Madre in August 2015 Gading Serpong, Tangerang. With its business brand, Nita focuses its market to adolescents and young adults like children and HIGH SCHOOL students who love to get-together.

In addition to the factors of the environment that much with teens, selling burgers in Tangerang which is still rarely considered to be a chance to get profit Nita for great burgers his creation.
Burger Unique Modification of culinary business patisseries
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The Uniqueness Of The Burger Madre Arbanat

Madre Arbanat itself comes from the French language which consists of two syllables, namely the Madre means Mother or that generate a lot of and Arbanat meaning cotton candy or if in Indonesia is famous for her grandmother’s hair. So the mother is Arbanat Madre cotton candy that is very a lot and overflow.

Although it is a kind of snack that comes from abroad, burger’s been very familiar in Indonesia. The snack consists of two round brown bread with Sesame sprinkles are split and stuffed with a variety of stuffing meat and vegetables as well as a variety of color this is currently very easy to be found not only in the restaurants and the mall but on the streets we can find it.

But in the hands of Nita Liana, the usual burgers we enjoy this will seem different. Chapter fourteen barnd Madre Arbanat, Nita creates his burgers such as bakpao very unique and does not appear as usual.

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