Choose Dairy Etawa Goat and for aqiqah also

The selection of indukan goats etawa which will be milked is the most important thing done by the dairy goat breeder. The selection is carried out carefully to avoid the risk that may occur such as: maximum productivity less goat’s milk is produced, the disease of rabies until defects in goats. All this can bring the risk of losses on the breeder. If goats are milked mastitis disease then affected milk production will be reduced to a halt. The breeder should also find a milk substitute for a kid who is exposed to rabies. It will also add to the cost of production. If the affected etawa goat etawa mempunyai keunikan yang tersindiri selain itu juga bisa untuk di jadikan sebagai kambing untuk aqiqah , visit Tempat Aqiqah Murah untuk dapat melihatĀ  udder mastitis to defect then any goat sale price will be reduced.

The Criteria Of Etawa Goat for aqiqah also

Choose Dairy Etawa Goat and for aqiqah also

Indukan nice etawa goat meet the criteria mentioned in article Choose Goat Etawa females.
The Morphology Of The Udder

The form of the morphology of the udder (udder) is an important aspect in choosing dairy goats. The study (the study) of the correlation/relationship shapes the morphology of udders with milk productivity has become a research intensive overseas [1]. Many papers (paper) can be obtained by reference & on the internet. The results of this study strongly corresponds to the reality in the field often found dairy goat breeder. Unfortunately there is no reference in the books of premises and discussing this.

Udders (udder) in goats consisting of two separate sections. This is the kalenjar udder milk producers. Milk produced is accommodated in a reservoir (cistern) which is then expelled through the udder nipples (teat). Aspects to note in selecting dairy goat udder morphology based are as follows:
1. The power of the udder

A good udder udder that is toned and lifted. Udders are toned and lifted is strong for udders milked [3].
udder-the goat-dairy-ideal

About the SAG (sagging) or the shape of the bottle must not be selected. This kind of blindly make it difficult to express. In addition to this type of bottle blindly make difficult goats running around so easy to hurt [5]
udder-the goat-dairy bottles

udder-the goat-dairy bottles

We’ve seen the facts on the ground around the shape of a bottle or SAG easily torn. Tearing of the udder caused exposed object, milked, even just because disusu by kid (cempe). If the wound is left can cause an infection called mastitis. Mastitis is sometimes not curable and reoccur every birth of a child (remember the udder can be torn because of disusu by his son). If likely reoccur mastitis udder should be amputated (mastectomy) [4]. Here is a photo of a bottle blindly developing mastitis. Due to an accidental thing around this stricken with rabies is back and should be amputated.
udder-the goat-dairy-mastitis

Along with the older goats, udders will add to sag down. This makes it difficult to express and easily hurt as described above. Therefore breeders should avoid this type of bottle blindly.

In the world of goats and dairy cows, the udder a tightening criteria referred to the depth of the udders (udder depth). This criterion is calculated from the distance of the bottom swayed to the knees of goats/cows. Udder that SAG get lowest value of these criteria [6], [7].
2. The Volume of

Milk production from an udder is heavily dependent on the volume of the udder. The volume of the udder is measured from the horizontal and vertical diameter of harmony (the balance between the horizontal and vertical diameters [3]). In the discussed more simple is how closely approaching the rounded shape is perfect. Udder shaped bottle does not mean having a large volume due to the vertical diameter is too long (not perfectly round).

Great udders volume have high milk productivity compared to the volume of a small-sized swayed [1].

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