don’t give up though the blind

Almost Total Blindness, This Inspiring Bloggers still able to Kantongi $ 15,000 per month!

Physical limitations is not an obstacle to the pursuit of one’s dream. Social jargon is so true it is. That in addition to physical factors, there are still other things that are much more decisive success of someone i.e. determined and hard work.

For those colleagues who are working in the field of blogging or internet marketing, as an afterthought this time we discuss an inspiring bloggers where with physical limitations, especially eyesight, she could still work even capable of getting results that arguably is incredible.

blogger inspiratif

Experiencing a vision since the age of 11 years and had to rely on a tool for reading, not won the rock barrier man with full name M Brethren Thoriqu. Not long ago, he even claims to be able to rake in earnings reach 15,000 or about 200 million dollars in one month from online business that he run!
Unyielding personal

If we want to get the big success, then struggle and sacrifice that we should also give equal space to achieve this. Likewise with the figure of Thoriqu which in fact Ikhwan M is also full of achievements.

As has been previously communicated, that the vision has experienced Thoriqu since very young. This too does that make the spaces of motion can access visual information is very limited. In an occasion he recounts to be able to follow the lessons during the school up to College, he used the help of books in Braille, the help of a friend to read out to sound recording lecturer when explained.

But then life Thoriqu lonely feat. Once when still in school, an alumnus of the University of Education Indonesia Department of the United Kingdom is also involved with the sport of athletics, especially the branch of olarhaga run.

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The ability of a less than perfect eyesight, he proved that he can still compete and Excel. Even he was able to snatch the silver medal and 100 m in an event of national-level sports competitions. Selian was born in ternyatanya, Palembang, 23 October 28 years ago was also able to get a job at one of the bank in Jakarta.
Have Been Interested In The Internet Marketing World Since HIGH SCHOOL

Thoriqu deals with the interest itself in the world of internet has started since still in uniform white gray. With some friends a fellow blind disabilities that exist in SMA Negeri Jakarta, he started 66 was introduced with the breadth of the potential of the internet world.

At that time one of the tools of technology that was a friend of its customer is a screen reading, a computer application that can read out text that exists in the page of the website. With the application of half hitch in pursuing virtual science can solve, of course, besides the visual content such as information in the form of images that are still yet to be fully absorbed it.

Do not give up, he continues to enrich yourself with good information about the internet in General, blogging, website creation to internet marketing. Besides the science surrounding the English acquired during a lecture in fact also helps the father of one son was more fluent understanding the foreign language information he can get.

Other Pretasi he ever torehkan i.e. exactly in the year 2006, he along with 3 people his friend managed to build the site, a non-profit website works as a container with disabilities who are blind who want variety through cyberspace. In this website we can find many works ranging from literature, technology articles, and social networking.
Out of banks and Into Fulltime IM

Slowly Thoriqu getting to know the ins has yet to internet marketing, start building a blog to how to make money from blog monetization. Time passed and the results of her hard work is starting to bear fruit, the program Google Adsense, Affiliate advertising, Cost per Action as well as some other type of monetization that he tekuni, he was given a growing income.


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