Food Add Blood surabaya

Food Add Blood

How to overcome anemia with mengomsumsi eggs You can boil 1 yellow egg chicken farm with 60 grams of leaf onions, red and mixed water their after that, then eat or in consumption regularly 2 times a day regularly.

Besides 6 kind of food penambah blood the best Way another to overcome anemia is to apply the Pattern to Eat Healthy Here
Food Add Blood
Konsumsilah the food is nutritious and balanced, with intake of iron is enough according to your age.
Besides the substances iron, consumption of either food that contain acid folat and vit B12.
Pay attention to intake calcium, coffee, and tea are excessive substances-substances that can block absorption of iron.

The most important thing to Overcome Anemia is to find first the cause as I say under this article, and If the cause has been treated, then the disease of anemia For the Permission and will of God, the Anemia that your pain will heal by itself. Thus Reviews I About 6 the Best Food To Supplement Blood may be beneficial, Read Also the Article the Health Hasbihtc About List of Healthy Meal For diabetics. Wassalam

Food penambah blood to mother pregnant. When pregnant, women will feel the body can or can’t afford to work in the maximum. Women who are pregnant often feel head dizzy, tired, nausea, shortness of breath even complaints other.

When pregnant a woman requires intake of nutrients that the maximum of a healthy meal are consumed every day. Women who are pregnant often experience anemia or lack of blood is penambah darah when pregnant. The cause of the lack of blood in pregnant women can caused by the less intake of iron which is eaten or consumed, the pattern ate that was distracted because of nausea, and factors other.

Therefore to solve the problems of anemia or shortage of blood in the mother pregnant can with consuming food healthy, so it can add to the blood, so intake of nutrients on the body could be fulfilled.

As for the following food penambah blood for mother pregnant.

Fruit much contains vitamins so it can help solve the problems of anemia or shortage of blood mother pregnant. Fruit also been proved as a squid-circulation of blood and good for health of the body. Therefore, at the moment pregnant women are advised to regularly consuming the fruit fresh. The following list of fruits that can add to the blood mother pregnant :

Orange. Womb vitamin C in an orange can in multiplying the production of red blood cells in the body and very good to the suffering from anemia.

Tomato. Tomatoes contain two vitamin A and vitamin C that can help increase the blood for mother pregnant.

The mangoes. Womb vitamin C in mangoes almost meet the needs of the vitamin daily adults. Besides mangoes can also restore the condition of the body, so the more powerful because mangoes have a womb antioksidan that can increase the immunity of the body.

Apple. Apple has the womb vitamin C is high which can be a breakfast appropriate for a less blood.

Jiblonkas. Womb vitamin C and acid folat on fruit jiblonkas good consumed by the mother is pregnant the lack of blood.

Vegetable is a healthy meal that contains fiber and nutrients that are very good for the body. Consuming vegetables regularly will help increase the blood, especially that mom was pregnant. Vegetables-vegetables can add blood to a pregnant woman for example spinach, sawi, leaves yams, cabbage, and others.

Meat is one food that contains the substance of the iron is high enough so it’s good to add blood. With consuming meat eat will help increase the production of red blood cells in the body. However don’t consuming the meat too much because it will increase cholesterol on the body.

Nuts almonds
Nuts almonds are one of the nuts that has a lot of the womb of iron so good for the body to increase the blood. Therefore nuts almonds are good to be consumed by a pregnant woman so that spared from anemia.

Cereal and bread
Food ingredients are basically wheat is very good for pregnant women because of the saturation of the iron is high enough. so can you help add to blood.

Thus some of the food penambah blood for mother pregnant, for what it’s worth.

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