how to be healthy with complete vitamin

Vision starting to blur or opaque
Problems like this often to be a complaint common diabetics type 2. Vision be hazy or opaque or not clear like it usually, happens due to the glucose soars up, so that damaging the blood vessels and limit fluid get into eyes. This condition can change the shape of the lens and the eye.

how to be healthy with complete vitamin

The good news is, these symptoms reversibel (can go back to normal) along with berkurangnya blood sugar until the limit is fair. However, if blood sugar stays high abnormalities on the eyes it can leads to blindness permanent.

Problem skin
Diabetes mememgaruhi blood circulation, and makes the glands sweat having dysfunctional, so that makes the skin to become scaly, feels scratchy, dry, and irritating. Symptoms this one is quite hard to be detected as diabetic, because of another cause that makes the skin problem like this.
If You don’t mind, try to use tongue crocodile, the point is almost same with fruit manggis, which was to cope with acne. Up to two part, use the meat for mengoles your face that have acne. Do the routine after waking up and shortly before bed the night until the acne fades.

4. Taking Care Of The Skin
Many cosmetic treatments made of ingredients naturally extending tongue crocodile, through a number of processing so that the results fit his needs the maximum.
6. Insomnia
Trouble sleeping, like jitters also considered as symptoms of anemia after the do research year 2008 in Ireland involving children and adolescents. Lack of iron in some people cause problems sleep disorders, feet often move because feel agitated or called syndrome legs restless.

7. Trouble concentrating
Inability hemoglobin to disperse the oxygen also affects the ability of the brain in concentrate. This is compounded by not terpenuhinya needs vital nutrients to the brain like vitamins and minerals (acid folat, substances iron, and vitamin B12).

8. Heart rate irregular
In the world of medical conditions this is called palpitasi, that his heart rate is unstable. Palpitasi can happen when janutng lack of oxygen.

Immediately consult a doctor when the body starts to show some symptoms of anemia at the top, especially for my skin pale must immediately be handled by a doctor.
Pseudoefedrin – Studies on animals show babies not having an accident of birth, just happens abnormalities on the weight below the average, and so it is with the length and the pace of the formation of fetal bones animal bilamana given a dose of high. While my mother was pregnant, can be consumed for a short period of time.
7. Enough the necessities of the vitamin C
Name scientific of vitamin C is acid askorbat. A vitamin that works as a antioksidan important for mother pregnant to help increase the endurance of the body and counter the radicals.

Some of the food be the source of the vitamin C are orange, lemon, and jiblonkas. You better ask in a forum mom pregnant or just go straight to visit a specialist obstetrician to ask fruit what’s good for the mother is pregnant, especially rich in vitamin C.

Just You know cough to mother pregnant safe consumed. If arise side effects heart enough harm, immediately do maintenance medical.

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