How To Make Delicious Tender Doughnuts Practically

How to make Donuts – Donuts are a popular snack among all people, both young and old especially the children. Already it’s not familiar to everyone that Doughnuts are the Holey bread core. Food menu was one of the menus that were adopted from abroad, because there food is wheat anyway so there are making a variety of meals of bread and one is a donut.

Most forms of Donuts that is rounded and there were huge holes so big ring resembles ditenganya. But now after the development of the era, it turns out there’s a donut shape varied, there was a round shape but not a hollow core, there is a rectangular, triangular, even heart-shaped.

How To Make Delicious Tender Doughnuts Practically

In addition to its shape which can be dikreasikan, it turns out that Doughnuts can also be given a stuffing of jam, cream, milk, chocolate, cheese and other toppings ingredients incorporated into the Doughnut is not perforated. Then if the type of Doughnut that has a hole can give a variety of toppings on it evenly, for which there is no Donut Hole once filled the stuffing can also be given above the surface of the Donut topping to make it look more enticing to eat.

How to make Doughnuts in order to produce a tender and tasty Donut and bagel soft texture that is not an easy thing. It takes diligence in making Plush Donut like doughnuts ala Jco, Dunkin Donut, etc. Although it looks difficult, but if we want to try and know how Donuts could definitely make a satisfying Padded.

In we will review the complete how to make Donuts right and clear so that novices can make it your own with maximum results. Here are the ingredients and how to make a tasty and tender Doughnuts.
How To Make Delicious Tender Doughnuts Practically

How To Make Delicious Tender Doughnuts Practically
Materials for how to make Donuts Step a:

Provide 250 g flour chakra
Provide 11 grams instant yeast
Provide 150 ml boiled water
Provide salt to taste

Materials for how to make Donuts Step B:

Provide 50 g flour
Provide 15 grams of powdered milk full cream
Provide 30 grams of butter
Provide 30 grams granulated sugar
Provide 1 egg chicken

Supplementary material in the way of making the Donuts:

Cooking oil to taste (for frying)
Cream cake or margarine to taste (for the brand of topping)
Assorted toppings taste to taste (messes, cheese, nuts, almonds, jams, etc.)

How To Make Donuts:

The first step to make A batter: put all the ingredients into a container of A Step, then mix until evenly using a mixer. When it is finished, and then close the dough tightly and let sit for 80 minutes.
Step two: Enter/B Steps mix all ingredients into A dough which earlier have been made, Knead until kalis and not sticky and then close again and let stand for 15 minutes.
Furthermore, ground and pipihkan the dough with a thickness of 1 cm After it let stand again for 15 minutes.
Then print the dough using your hands or using special mold donut so that the results of the same size.
Fried dough Donuts that are already in print in hot oil until cooked golden brown and fluffy. Use medium heat or low heat only so that the results of the Doughnuts do not overcook. Drain.
Ornamental Doughnuts which is ripe with assorted toppings, brush the top surface of the first doughnut with cream or margarine (a thin brush), then sprinkle with nuts, pieces of messes, almonds, cheese, jams, or to taste.

If you like it with icing sugar then it can also dikreasikan with Donuts, Doughnuts gulungkan way into the powdered sugar until evenly distributed, or paste the powdered sugar on top of the Donut already smeared margarine. Donut shape creation can also be adjusted to taste, so it doesn’t have to be always spherical.

The doughnut-shaped solid can be given a taste of the stuffing to taste. How to make Donut that has content that is make a donut shape up to want to round or love, or an important solid triangle is not perforated, then inject stuffing flavors such as chocolate, jam, or milk into the Doughnut dough using the special tool, and then close the hole that last timeout was used to inoculate the dough with pieces of other (little covered holes origin), then fried.

Such recipes and how to make a padded Jco Donuts ala tasty and practical. Previously we have made cake recipes are rising currently, namely how to make Chocolate Brownies Cheese with additional Practical creations that are not boring. Anyway look forward to continue our next recipe, just in that always presents a variety of tasty and unique cuisine reference. Good luck and hopefully useful

Donuts dough fried until cooked and the color turns into a somewhat browned, then lift and drain the donuts.
After the doughnuts are already cold and not greasy, prepare toppings such as cheese, chocolate, gravy meses, powdered sugar, and a variety of creative toppings.

That’s how to make Donuts ala JCO can try yourself at home, this recipe useful to you if you want to make delicious Donuts.

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