How To Treat A Cough When Pregnant

How To Treat A Cough When Pregnant

How To Treat A Cough When Pregnant
The Cough For Mother Pregnant

Here’s how to treat a cough when pregnant, good according to anjuran doctor or to carry out actions to defuse a cough.

1. Honey and peppermint
Quoted from the e-consultation of a man (husband) named Hendra at the site KlikDokter, he got a response following a straight answer from the doctor.

Drinking honey combined with peppermint it is then brewed with warm water and mentol can ease the cough, wrote dr. Widi Asrining Castle (A Member Of A Medical Team Klikdokter)

The cough it is proven to help cure a cough in a short time without giving any side effects after consumption. People Java or the countryside already know very well the recipe of the cough.

2. Double the liquid
After You’ve consumed the cough to mother pregnant of honey and peppermint, do attempt an extra to speed up the process of recovery of the infection channel respiratory.

You can start with in multiplying the consumption of fluid (water white). The supply of fluid You fill in will be used the body to launch a metabolism and also help development a fetus (split the liquid with the fruit of the heart).

Choose warm water so as not to exacerbate the condition of cough and cold You’re a natural.

3. Inhaling steam
Treatment of coughs with the traditional way this can be so-called secret if the next time You have a cough again.


Simmer the water their, then pour in a container penampung.
Put Your face about 30 cm above a container of water just to the boil, then breathe the steam generated. On this process before cover head with a towel.
Do it for a few minutes until the feeling changes it’s better to channel your breathing.

This way quite effective in curing a cold, nose clogged up, my nose is clogged up and makes your breathing become more relaxed and comfortable.

4. Need an hour break
Not break the total needed but pencukupan hour break.

Because knowing that pregnant is the important, then the prospective mother should really pay attention to the condition of health of the body.

Cough and cold directly give a negative impact on a decrease in the endurance of the body. When the body work to eradicate the virus or bacteria causing the cough in the condition imun is down, the best way to help him is to recopy an hour break to imunitas increased.

5. Get dahak when coughing
Take cough drops containing ekspektoran to help mengencerkan dahak.

After coughing, trying to get slime or dahak condensed somehow. If dahak allowed to continued to accumulate in the channel breathing, worry about going on a problem other knowing dahak is an auxiliary tool to take out the bacteria and dirt that harm the body.

6. Relax at home
Don’t double the activity is not important when pregnant, like out of the house, especially when experiencing a cough-cough.

You make the atmosphere in the house feels like maybe to be used relax. Resting the body in the house or reduce physical activity when pregnant is very necessary, especially when diterpa problem of cough and cold (flu).

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