inspiration from the blind high earnings

Until one point behind it i.e. when he decided out of a job in a bank to become a full time internet marketer. The decision is certainly not taken, because it has two compelling reasons why he should take off his status. The first was that he had a hard time growing if still employed and the second reason is because an online business that he run turned out to be capable of providing an income is not a little either.

When deciding out of the bank, the man who didomisili in the area of Stalls, Jakarta has been able to generate revenue of $ 3000 to $ 5000 per month. Even not long ago, numberless pengahasilannya has reached the 5 digit i.e. for $ 15,000 in one month.


inspiration from the blind high earnings

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Currently, the condition of the vision M Brethren Thoriqu already decreased to 95%. He could only recognize the color, will not even recognize the existence of other people in front of it if that person did not speak or move.

But in those conditions, he was jerking the awareness of many people that he could, he was able to reach great success. Then how can we have more physical perfection, have we fought harder to get success?

Innovation in the business world is also a very important thing. With the level of competition is increasing all the time, Japan successfully continues to survive thanks to the hard work to innovate. This is becoming a very valuable lesson for us people of Indonesia. Because we actually have lots of talents with creativity, but finally the potential for sluggish due to not immediately converted into real innovation.
3. Never give up

1945, may be one of the most exhilarating times for the people of Indonesia, but not for Japan. In that year Japan bereaved due to atomic bomb dropped United to two Indonesian had the Central Prefecture, the area of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Do not stop there, while Japan had surrendered in the war against the United States, was hit by a major quake aftershock disaster i.e. in the region of Tokyo which cripples of various joint life. This is recorded as one of the darkest eras in the history of the nation of Japan.

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But the remarkable thing happened, thanks to the hard work of character and not want to dissolve the problem, Japan very quickly able to rearrange the structure of the State and also perekonomiannya. Through the automotive industry, Japan successfully back rose. Followed by keberasilan many business people with a diverse range of innovation, slowly thus Japan could return to “colonize” many other countries with diverse products of his work.

As a form of mental education, even Japan has one special Science study about the failure that is known by the term shippaigaku.

The character above is somewhat of a basic character of the people in Japan who always hold firm in life. Culturally, Indonesia is indeed different from Japan. But it is not impossible that the positive characters we filter and apply it in our lives in order to achieve success.

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