Obligatory read! The law of giving and answering GREETINGS

Obligatory read! The law of giving and answering GREETINGS
We often hear that greet it and answer it circumcision is mandatory, that statement could be said to be true, but not completely true, because there is time answering greetings it is mandatory and there is no time, there is also time greet that circumcision, and there comes a time of the haram or makruh. Shaykh Zainuddin Malibari in his book al-Fath reassure Mu’in Juz. IV, page. 184 – 185, Cet. Toha Putra Semarang, in that it describes as follows:

Ruling Salam Replied > Fard Kifayah (charged top group), if spoken greeting to a group of people. as long as there is already an answer then regardless of liability for others.
Legal Answer Greetings > A’in Fard (Obligatory upon individuals), if a greeting spoken to one person.
It is haraam for a woman > give and answer the greetings of men – men who are not mahramnya (men – kosher man marry her). But if the greetings given by a man to a group of women, then compulsory for one of them to answer it.
Dimakruhkan > for men give and answer the greeting women instead of mahramnya (the woman who he married halal).
Answering Greetings Through Writing
Imam al-Nawawi in Sharh Muslim says mandatory immediately answer greetings sent by a person by mail, but the required disegerakan not answer with the writing, but responded with a verbal when reading the letter.
Abu ‘ Abd ar-Razi in tafsirnya mentions: “when greeting given through writing, then menjwabnya with the inscription is also mandatory. evidence for this is the word of Allah.: “When given a homage, then balaslah with a better, or the granting of appropriate reply.”
Therefore, when we read the greetings in the mail someone sent to us, the answer immediately with oral, and don’t forget the responsibilities also with writing when we reply to his letter.
Easy – I hope this article is useful, and if readers feel is wrong, please fix delivered for us together. And Allah knows Best.

The Prophet Muhammad has said which means: “the man closest to Allah are those who start give greetings.” (Narrated By Ahmad, Abu Dawood)
The Prophet was asked by sahaba, whether the best practice in Islam. Then he said, which means: “the Fed is being hungry and give greetings to people you know and you do not know.” (Narrated by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim)

Benefits of greetings:
Each command and also the prohibition in Islam will certainly bring benefits to his followers. But among the benefits it is described clearly some are not explained, we as the people are only obligated to believe that it was all for the good. As for the merits of giving greetings include:

Salam is a prayer to God Almighty, so when we greet our greetings or replied to by other Muslims that we have continued and have also being prayed for. Imagine if we give greetings to the Assembly science and they respond, how the prayers we get?

Prayer itself is included in worship and worship the essence of life. With give and answer greeting, we have run the essence of life.
Improve relations
Sometimes we are at odds with those of other muslim opinion, never disappoint or never let down to our relationship with other muslim brothers being less good.

To improve the relationship, then greeting is the bridge so that the harmonious return of positive communication. Muslims who began greeting is a better muslim, like the Hadith: “not lawful for a muslim in his brother’s silence over the three days, the two met but one turned and others also turned away. And the best among them is the first first greet “. [Narrated by Al-Bukhaari, Al-Fath in 11:21]

There are still many benefits-other benefits of pronouncing salutation, but apropos for a short time, then I end up here alone, sorry for any hilaf and wrong wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb.

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