Preparations Cruiser Waterfall Madakaripura in Probolinggo

Preparations Cruiser Waterfall Madakaripura in Probolinggo – Visiting place tour of nature like taking a hike to the waterfall Madakaripura in the region of Probolinggo, Java East need preparation a detailed. This is caused because access to the location is not as easy as imagined by tourists. But you don’t need to worry because wisatania’ve noted a few important things you need before doing penjelajahan to the water falls that are around the region of the National Park of Mount Bromo – Semeru – Tengger, on the other side. Madakaripura in Probolinggo this is known as the water falls the highest on the island of Java and number two in Indonesia with a height of 200 meters. And the name of sightseeing it means “the last place” because it is believed to be a place semedi Mahapatih Elephant Mada and the end of the day here.
Location and Access
Preparations Cruiser Waterfall Madakaripura in Probolinggo
There are a few access that you can follow if you want to visit Madakaripura. The location of the waterfall which is in district Lumbang in Probolinggo. If you travel tour to mount Bromo, then the Object is beautiful it is just 5 KM from the highway headed for the tourist area (the village of Sukapura). So very appropriate if you are exploring to the waterfall Madakaripura after seeing the beauty of the mountains beautiful area. The distance from Bromo, time tempuhnya about 45 minutes until you get in this place.

Arca elephant Mada

From the parking lot the vehicle you still travel on foot as far as 1 KM (about 1 hours) to the waterfall. We recommend you use the services guide which generally is the population around with fare Rp. 50,000. The existence of the guide in Madakaripura this is very important because the field of heavy to get to the waterfall. At the same time, services guide this work as a porter carrier your stuff so that way penjelajahan in the region of Probolinggo this to be more comfortable. Indeed, in the forest around the waterfall Madakaripura is not as far away as you cruise to Curup Maung Fence of Nature.
waterfall in java east

Waterfall Madakaripura
Preparation details

Before you visit a waterfall beautiful in Java’s East, you better prepare some things the following:

Prep funds. Prepare a large amount of money to the cost of the trip to Madakaripura. Besides for transportation, porter, and ticket in as well as consumption and accommodation. A place to stay that we recommend and close to the waterfall is that was in the area Bromo or staying in the area a tour around the poor and the area Rocks. Fare public transport or ojek to Madakaripura don’t get the Rp. Another 25,000. But if you rent a car from Probolinggo, usually charged at around Rp. 150.000 (PP, including a driver and a HIKE). For tickets go to the waterfall Madakaripura is subject to Rp. 5000 per person and if using services guide local subject to Rp. 50.000 per porter. Of course the rates it’s not much like when on vacation with the kids to Kidzania jakarta, which requires the fund hundreds of thousands of rupee per person at the end of the weekend.

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