Recipe And How To Make Sausage Twister

Lately a lot of munchies we found in a public place made of sausage. Sausage as a raw material main, easy sekal found in numerous supermarket and even to the market traditional. Various brands of sausage on offer in there.

So with the kind of meat used to make the sosi, there’s the sausage meat chicken, sausage beef and sausage pig. All free you choose in accordance with the selere personal to each,

Recipe And How To Make Sausage Twister

Sausage as the munchies actually can easily made yourself in the kitchen – kitchen home. Enough to prepare the sausage and seasoning – seasoning to be used. Kai this we will discuss about the recipe and how to make sausage twister.

Recipe And How To Make Sausage Twister

Word twister comes from the English apapbila translated into the Language of Indonesia means it’s a twister. In an image, the twister used to be described with the shape of a uliran used to make the sausage twister. Uliran can be formed on the sausage with a way mengiri the body of the sausage with a knife with pattern like a spring.

Let us begin to discuss the ingredients needed and the way pembuatannya :

Materials needed are:

Prepare 1 pack (usually contain 6 fruit) sausage jumbo
2 tablespoon soy sauce sweet
2 tablespoon ketchup bluff
1 tablespoon sauce barbeque ready to use
Margarin their

Way of making :

Make uliran on the sausage by using a knife shaped like a spiral, this is called a sausage twister
Heat up the Teflon with fire was
Put the sausage into the Teflon, lube up with margarin on top of the sausage while it’s paged back to the sausage to mature on both sides
Mix your soy sauce sweet sauce samabl and sauce barbeque ready to wear into one, olehkan also on the sausage while continuously paged back to the sausage so as not to burn.
When the color of the sausage has turned out to be older brownish and ulirnya blossom that means the sausage was lunch pick up and then served. as the munchies in the afternoon

Good try recipe this yes ….

Tomato As a Solution to take care of the Lips Dry and chapped – lips dry and chapped of course is very disturbing because it will give you the feeling of uncomfortable as well as disturbing your appearance so you can lower your self-confidence someone.


A lot of factors to be a cause of permasalah lips such as the lack of consuming vegetables and fruit that a lot of contains vitamins terutaman vitamin C, lack of consuming water, most of the time doing activities outside the room, most of the time exposed to the cold air, wear products cosmetics dye lips or lipstick, and so much more.

Factors such is often we don’t realize so it feels, suddenly, the lips become dry and chapped. Kedaan like it would even pose a guess sting and pain when the skin of the lips peel constantly.

Hence the necessary treatment to keep lips back to health as well as prevent firing back through the lips the same. A lot of product treatment beauty that has the function to give moisture to lips so that the lips no longer dry and the skin to peel.

However, usually the treatment as it is only temporary because the product is just a cover layer of the skin, lips not to provide recovery. Hence the necessary treatment berkhasiat overcome the lips dry and chapped until back kekeadaan lips like it was.

Better in choosing this treatment is using materials that are natural because your lip is one area of the face is sensitive and has a layer of skin is very thin. The use of materials natural to believe much more good and safe for health and of course more economically. One is by using fruit tomato.

Tomatoes actually go into the type vegetables. The fruit is shaped round and red it is known to have antioksidan and vitamin C are high so good for health and beauty.

To get the nutrients in fruit tomatoes usually can be directly consumed or can be a form of food to another. But it was in the care of the lips, the fruit of tomato is enough to just dioleskan course the meat fruit on the lips evenly.

Womb vitamin C in tomatoes can lift the skin cells die or do hard labor – the skin is scraped at the lip area so the lips back to soft and moist. Besides the vitamin C that dikandungnya can also speed up the regeneration of cells new skin so that injuries of the lips that are chapped will go back to cover and the layer of the skin the lips the new quickly formed back.

How very easy and rewarding isn’t it? Other than getting the nutrients from the inside of course get the nutrients out of the fruit of tomato is also just as important.

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