List Protein is derived from the word proteius or protos meaning “foremost” according to Greek. The discovery of a chemical molecule was successfully introduced by Jöns Jakob Berzelius-born Swedish chemist and an expert in 1838. With the invention accurately concluded that protein is the core role of organs of living beings including microorganisms. The components of the protein molecule itself contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus in charge of restoring the damaged muscle tissue.



Manfaat Protein often become tasty for organs of the human body, especially when the muscles that require the molecule. Besides the protein functions as a second source of energy after carbohydrates, it is also a useful balance acid alkaline levels in the body. At the age of the child, the protein is very helpful to the formation of the growth performance of the brain cells, but in adulthood protein acts as a framer and repair of cells and tissues damaged muscles.


Interesting question that deserves to be listened to, whether the lack or excess of consuming proteins can be bad on the body?


Certainly the answer kuranglah careful when both were to occur, the lack or excess of very obvious harm to the body especially when these conditions until the shortage. Protein deficiency certainly will impact badly on the body such as: hair loss, constipation, slowing down the performance of the brain, limp, Kwasiorkor (kwashiorkor) in children, nail growth slows, and the fallout to humble heart rate.


Otherwise, if neither consume excessive protein is certainly not wise when not balanced by extra activities, such as exercise and others. Medically, the one to perform the daily activities of mediocrity in the sense of not doing the sport does not need the excess amount of protein, but if it still consumes in excess, then it will have an impact on fat deposits caused the protein content in excess of the required capacity of the body. So that excess protein will be wasted and fused into a flab.

Following several cases of controversy which we remove from a variety of sources when consuming protein is excessive:

1. The incidence of acne in the Agency. This is a trivial issue that sometimes make dizzy head, why does this happen? When medically reviewed consume excess protein are not causing the growth of acne on body, this happens due to the lack of cocokannya sufferers consume protein source that he ate. It may just be the sufferer more suitable to consume different types of protein from lean red meat is not sourced from white meat or vice versa. In addition, the lack of VIT E and VIT C also cause the onset of acne breakouts on the body.

2. Increase Acidosis. As the discussion on the previous edition of the magazine REPS, acidosis due to lack of oxygen intake during anaerobic lactic acid levels so that it rises when doing sports. Lactic acid is produced due to the large consuming foods that contain cholesterol like high salt, high oil and is not caused by consuming protein is excessive. Therefore konsumsilah healthy foods rich in nutrients balanced.

3. Skin allergies. Allergens allergic or similar ingestan caused by consuming foods that are not in accordance with one’s body resistance. Of rendering the metabolism of a person against these types of food consumed resulting in skin irritation, like mengelupasnya of skin, itching. According to Dr. Jay Kolls, Director of the Richard King Mellon Foundation Institute for Pediatric Research, explained “we found that by adding vitamin D, not only substantially reduce production of a protein that moves the allergic reactions, but also increases the production of proteins which can improve endurance against allergic reaction”.

4. Osteoprosis. Osteoporosis is a bone that causes the clinical circumstances become porous. It is triggered by several factors, one of them by consuming excessive protein. Why? This is caused due to the large amount of protein that is absorbed by the kidneys, the amino acid productivity will be increased so as to cause the acid content predominate on the network of red blood cells. Consume these types of foods high in calcium is extremely beneficial to be offset and excess acid content of mentralisir, that is with orange, soy milk, broccoli, salmon and horseradish. Beside that consumes VIT D also serves as the absorption of calcium in the body, one of them by consuming cow’s milk, fish oil, and sunlight is the source of VIT D best for the body.


proteinPerlu unknown source of high protein can be obtained by consuming animal protein, vegetable, and other high protein supplementation, but a third source of protein for the match with the condition of our body. Like the case of a vegetarian who wants to build muscle but do not consume foods that are animate, is he obliged to consume chicken breast, fish, etc? Certainly it is not right when he is still forced to consume animal protein, there’s more sources of protein that can be dikonsumsinya such as vegetable protein like soy beans, almon and green beans. If the protein content is still lacking to build muscle could have been added by consuming supplement as a supporting protein needs.

According to Syafrizaldi (Consultant dietitian Sportisi) explains, that every person has different body setting, therefore we can not decide directly for following the advice of someone who has clear basic aims. Need for self exploration and research to know the protein content that suits your body, not necessarily we fit in with the salmon rich in high protein, amino acid, omega3, zinc. Justrunya our body more suitable and more rapidly when consuming the egg whites only, he explained.


Animal protein:

Red meat: beef,
White meat: chicken breast, salmon, cow’s milk.
Vegetable proteins:

Green beans, soy Beans, peas, Almon.

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