Red Ginger is one of the three existing ginger

Red Ginger is one of the three existing ginger cultivars, namely ginger white, ginger yellow and Red ginger. All three have almost the same scientific name, beginning with Zingiber officinale. However this type of ginger’s most recognized the benefits of the cure is red, ginger and white ginger most commonly used in cooking spice. While White Ginger less sought after, due to a very low sense of spiciness from the third brother.
Red Ginger is one of the three existing ginger

The actual content of the compound of the third type of ginger had said the same, it’s just a different concentration. That’s probably the difference, why White Ginger is less spicy than have a taste of his two brothers in another.
Efficacy and benefits of Red ginger for health

Red Ginger has the smallest size when compared to other types, other than that he is a reddish-colored on the leaves, the stems of the plant, as well as rimpangnya. In terms of the use of traditional medicine, ginger red was chosen because of the high concentration of most health properties that are marked with a taste that is more pungent and bitter. Red ginger contains essential oil, which consists of zingeberin, kamfena, lemonin, zingiberen, zingiberal, gingeral, and shogool. Other ingredients contained, is oil resin, starch, Malic acid, organic acids, aksolat and gingerin. The following properties and benefits of Red ginger for health:
Nourish the stomach

Red Ginger is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is said that red ginger helps nourish the spleen, abdominal/stomach and kidneys and also classified as an aphrodisiac.
Digestive problems and cold

Ginger has an effect which warms and softens bowels, also helps to overcome digestive problems such as bloating, wind, food poisoning, and overcoming constipation or as a natural laxative.
Heal the symptoms of influenza

Red ginger can also increase appetite, set sweat, as well as preventing and treating the symptoms of influenza.
Improve Fitalitas and stamina

If you need or recover the tamina, red warm ginger tea can be drunk exhausted working weight a day. Red Ginger is believed to be even able to increase the fitalitas special man in night day. Red ginger also helps overcome weakness in men, may be associated with the benefits of waging a blood circulation and warm the body.
Help asthma and bronchitis

Red ginger can be used to overcome a sore throat (bronchitis), back pain, relieve asthma, headaches and muscle pain.

The possibility of a warm taste of ginger essential oil due to the womb, which causes a sense of relief in people with asthma. In addition, ginger red basically contain substances that Bronko splasmolitika (agent reliever airway). Possible effects due to antihistamine on ginger that can relieve asthma.
Other efficacy

Some of the benefits of curing many red ginger mentioned among others, Migraine, headaches, improve blood circulation, bloating, rheumatism, tonsils, ED, sore and rheumatic pain. It is said also that the Red ginger can be efficacious as a men’s vitality natural-lift, stimulates the production of BREAST MILK, encouraging the production of lymph, immune, and keep reinforcing the durability of sp * rma. Farnesal element contained in red Ginger is also capable of preventing the premature aging process because it stimulates regeneration of skin cells.

Because it has been known to be the number of Red ginger root benefits, now there have been many outstanding products containing extracts of Red ginger, either in the form of instant powder, mints, etc. So now there are two options, make your own ginger tea naturally, or an instant buy powdered extract of ginger red.

For sufferers of heartburn, you should consult a doctor before drinking Red ginger BREW. This is because gingerol in ginger may irritate and heat in the stomach.

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