Student Internship Work Drawn UI White on Twitter

Tri Ahmad Irfan In the previous article we have already discussed about Silicon Valley that became the main direction of development of modern technology. Well, from the fact that one is very much a technology workers drape his aspirations to work at one of the big companies there.
Student Internship Work Drawn UI White on Twitter
But unfortunately for the world competition can penetrate Silicon Valley style of work is certainly not an easy thing. Silicon Valley for many years has been a base of experts and professionals in the business of technology. To go into it, of course we should also have a quality above average even must be incredible.

Although it is very difficult, but that does not mean it can’t lo ya!

This is a recently evidenced by a son named Tri Nations Ahmad Irfan. Students of the Faculty of computer science of the University of Indonesia (White UI) of the host of 2013 official was recently selected as interns work on popular social media company, #Twitter. How the story could finally Tri Ahmad gets a job opportunity is scarce? following his review.

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Online Mentorship Program

A student of Indonesian origin received an internship in an enterprise Twitter classmates certainly is like a dream for most people. And that is exactly what opportunities are now being carried by the Tri.

Not long ago, exactly on the date 25/6, he immediately left for the United States toward Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. More boast again that Tri is the only student Indonesia accepted an internship working on recruitment period this time around.

Then how the early story of the Tri penetrate golden opportunity internship work in Twitter? In an interview, he stated that it’s long been her wish to get work experience in one of the large companies in the land of Uncle Sam. Not without reason, because he thinks the current central to the development of computer technology is the land of adi power, especially Silicon Valley as the “womb” of the latest technology.

The motivation that is what finally brought Tri follow a program online mentorship named Indo2SV. Indo2SV is itself a mentoring program initiated by the workers of Sillicon Valley origin of Indonesia. Bring the mission to give odds #teknologi experts in Indonesia, the mentorship program into the container’s recruitment of potential for those who want a career in the international arena.

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