Tasting the sweetness of Grilled nan Doughnut business

After considering the fine, then it specifies the munchies legit toast as the main object of his business. In addition to having many enthusiasts, toast does indeed have a broad market share to be developed. And location on the road Kisamaun 118, Sarma becomes first base headquarters establishment attempt toast that are labeled with the name of Toast 88.

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Compete Through The Quality Of Bread

Same as business in General, toast 88 also experienced ups and downs of the business in the early years of its establishment. However, with consistency and a strong determined who owned the owner, slowly Tavern Toast 88 continues to grow and know many of these warm snacks connoisseur.

Well, likewise in terms of business competition, Irwan understand very well that it is a certainty that there have always been and could not be avoided. Even since the beginning of setting up businesses, he had started to predict and take an unpromising how can win the “war”.

Tasting the sweetness of Grilled nan Doughnut business

Therefore, as one of the main weapons fuel bread business, Irwan has developed the homemade bread which is certainly different to the tavern toast in General. Even on one occasion, he menklaim that only Toast 88 which has its own distinctive bread savory like no other businesses who use unsalted bread. However, it is true, thanks to the original bread, customers continued to arrive even getting crowded from time to time.

Besides the other advantages from being the Toast of the 88 is a variant of the dish. It not only offers a special toast with chocolate and cheese wrap, the store also has a few other menu such as burgers, pancakes, fried potatoes, and a variety of instant noodle flavor. As for reliever thirst, a selection of which can be enjoyed customers Toast 88 among other juices, capucino, lemon squash, as well as drinks chocolate delights.
Offers A Franchise Partnership

After 8 years, precisely in 2010, Irwan decided to open a franchise brand partnership program Toast 88. At that time, there were at least 7 direct partners interested in establishing businesses Toast 88 in some areas such as Bogor, Karawaci, Gading Serpong, Pamulang and others. From there brand Toast 88 began to be known more widely even bring in other #waralaba partners who wish to join.

About the partnership program Toast 88 alone, the cost of which is pegged to each member i.e. Rp 40 million. From the Fund partners will get cooking supplies, uniforms, promotional tools, as well as training for employees that will run the venture.

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Later on when already started walking, the penglola royalty fee of 5% of turnover effort. However, these costs are not charged on all partners, only partners with turnover above Usd 15 jutalah that are required to pay. Rp 15 million figure is taken from an average monthly turnover of the partners who had long been merged.

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