The development and application of Autistic Croze Chakra in Indonesia

Croze chakras up to now still released in the free trial version and are already used in some major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Makassar. The application is also autistic therapy began to be developed in the form of a pay system with the addition of a number of the features of the new therapy. Option packages applications paid Croze Chakra Chakra include Silver with application and hardware support, Chakra Gold with hardware and an additional 137 types of therapy as well as Custom Discs at a price above the 3.5 million.

Not just Indonesia prided the inception of autistic therapy applications, but some other countries also began to turn to this technology. Noted that the United States, Australia and Qatar have already begun lining up to buy this application.
The development and application of Autistic Croze Chakra in Indonesia
However, Scott has still not decided to sell the copyright application design to anyone. Because Scott is still focusing to develop applications the chakras to become increasingly complete Croze and better yet. As a form of recognition of innovation, Scott had a chance to acquire the Young champion 2 Standalone Technopreneur from Bank Mandiri for the category digital #teknologi.

Have an acquaintance or family member who suffers from autism disease? We can download the application for free via Croze Chakra It’s time to use the sophistication of technology and helping people with autism to get better health again.

Innovative Voice Technology Assistant Typical Apple


So hear the word Apple, which is reflected in our minds is surely the giant technology that never stops developing technology products that are sophisticated and cool. Yes, #Apple seems to want to always win the competition between different technology IT companies. The thing that makes Apple never stops innovating products.

One of Apple’s most famous innovation is a series of technology included on the hosts of the Apple products.
What is a Series?

Technology Series launched since the period December 2011 is a smart personal assistant technology based voice command capable of facilitating the activities of the penggua Apple products. With the ability to make a phone call, send a message, schedule the meeting as well as a variety of other capabilities, the presence of the series proved enough to answer the needs of the users of Apple products that have a myriad of activities.

The series is equipped with sophisticated #teknologi able to recognize our voice naturally. Even Series are also able to ask an information needed before completing the task we provide. In the development of mobile devices, the series might be called one of the most innovative features in its use though still found some shortcomings.

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Innovation Series on iOS 6

On iOS 6 Siri comes with a number of new features that are smarter and more cool features of Siri in the #iOS version of its predecessor. Some of the advantages of a series on iOS 6 include:

Able to get to know more languages

The series was only able to recognize the language of the United Kingdom, Germany and France started to update to get to know other languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico and some kind of other languages. Well, it seems we still have to be patient to wait for the Series renewed in Indonesia, Yes.

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