The Impact Of Smog For The Transport Economy

The Impact Of Smog For The Transport Economy As a beginning of the parties take care of this thing will start promoting GIW Smesco building withIndonesia in a Festival that SME SMESCO will be held at the beginning of the 1st-4th October by 2015. On the chance that some of the parties concerned in it will start promoting as well as introduce the GIW is accompanied by some form of support facilities owned by him on Indonesia society widely,especially to the young circles filled with high levels of creativity.

The Impact Of Smog For The Transport Economy

Smog in areas of Sumatra and Kalimantan, today declared has reached a very dangerous point, evennot only interfere with the health of the population at any time, the fog is now starting to cause a wide variety of forms of impact for other fields. As is the case in the field of aviation be it domestic orinternational, even because that’s the impact of a catastrophic forest fire smoke in jambi, palangkaraya& surroundings for small businesses who use the transportation service is certainly very annoying.

For the sector of the jambi itself especially around the area of Tanggo Rajo, still blanketed by thicksmoke which is very annoying. In fact, the visibility in the area was only about 500 meters away. That’s why some sectors from transportation activities daily experienced a form of interference, whether it’son the flight, cruise, even for World Education also took part. Of that some sectors of the economyexperienced a decline especially for those doing business in the field of small businesses that are related to the matters aforesaid.

Meanwhile from Medan city even reported that as many as 20 flights from and to the airport ofInternational Kualanamu or KNIA also canceled it outright until 13.00. While for five types of other flights while it still is the delay it. As for the failed plane experienced a departure it reach number 11,and the number of aircraft landing schedule at the airport there are also cancelled by the number 9aircraft. Because that’s a lot of dantaranya the passengers begin to return the tickets to a number ofoffices of airlines.

For visibility in KNIA itself only reached 600 meters, because the smoke haze really is very thick. Even for the announcement of the cancellation and delay declaring the Chair had repeatedly heard in theairport area of time. It is also expected to continue if the smog in conditions which do not allow for flight.

Soweto also experienced paralysis

Just as happened in Medan, Pekanbaru also experienced paralysis within the realm of flights at the airport, because this one too many flights are cancelled and delayed, even for aircraft to landing at the airport from Sultan Syarif Kasim II was also cancelled because visibility was only 200 meters to reach.

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