the inspiration of the evocative heart of a benefactor

For three years, the man who is also a head pastor at Quest Church in Seattle with his wife and her three must tighten the belt in order to raise funds. They run a very simple lifestyle even to sell the goods if not too important, for the sake of the Mission of the savings. And as a result, funding of $ 68,000 or the equivalent of almost 1 Billion (at current rate) successfully collected and ready to be used to build One day’s Wages.

After more than five years developing, now One day’s Wages have grown as one of the grass-roots movement with a mission of social and poverty reduction is the largest in the world. No fewer than 44 countries have become the network One day’s Wages with a total operational assistance funds amounting to $ 2.9 million of donor or charity event being held.
The biggest problem in the world, according to Eugene

In a written interview, Eugene Cho got to get questions about whether in fact the biggest problem is being faced by the people in the world today and how the solution to the problem.

Eugene replied, the most urgent social problem is the size of mutual hate, fear, discrimination and ignorance of the fiber. But actually the source of the problem is we don’t really know what we are afraid, we don’t really know what they (the person, group, trust) that we hate. This is all because we are too afraid to find out his sincerity.

One very inspiring advice from Eugene is, when you have a person or group who hated, Eugene challenges us to presume to sit one table, may be packed together with each other and ask what exactly is the problem between us and them. When we can begin to talk from the heart to the heart, then the gateway to mutual understanding will open wider.

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Eugene Cho is currently still active as penguruh the Organization One day’s Wages while also managing Q Café is a non-profit café with the aim of providing free food for the homeless and those in need.

Once again we can pluck a lesson from a simple guy who voted for real actions to help others. And Eugene Cho might be just one among them who has dedicated his life to social interests. And for ourselves, it’s about time we are more grateful, appreciative of good fortune and want to run a real follow-up to fellow though in the simplest things. Get Inspired!

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