Understanding label Information about the product

Understanding Pelabelan Information about the product, commonly stamped on what is referred to as a label. According to their definition of the label is text, tag, image, or description of other written, printed, distensil, carved, be decorated or imprinted with the whatever, was a gift from an impression attached to a container or pengemas. There is also the definition of another declared that “the gift of the impression attached to or included in it to be part of or accompanying any food” included in the criteria as the label product. The purpose of pelabelan for outlines is as follows:

Understanding label Information

Understanding label Information1. Give information about the contents of the product given the label without having to open the pack.
2. Serves as the means of communication the manufacturer to the consumer about things that need to be known by the consumer about products such,especially things invisible eye or the unknown physically.
3. Give the right direction to the consumer until the obtained function produkyang optimum.
4. The means of advertising for the manufacturer.
5. give ‘safer’ for the consumer.Remember the label is the penyampai information, was worth the information embedded

in the label is the amount-a point and not misleading. Just that, given the label also serves as an ad, instead of being sifatmanusia to easy to fall in the mistakes to do “cheating” baikyang accidental and not intentional, then it needs to be made the beacon-the beacon yangmengatur. With a beacon-the beacon this diharpkan function label in the given “safer” to consumers can be achieved.

Guidelines General labelan in Indonesia

Rules pelabelan product food if in Indonesia is set dalamperaturan Minister of Health RI no p .. 79/Menkes/PER/III/1978. In peraturantentang labels and advertising of food is governed about the way pelabelan sertaketentuan-provisions to them. These rules have been furnished dengankeputusan Director General Surveillance of Drugs and Food (Dirjen POM) It 02240/B/S/MOST//VII/1991 published at the date of 2 July 1996.In accordance with the regulations, the label must be able to memberikaninformasi are not misled about the nature, the womb, the origin, dayatahan, value or what it’s for. Labels and advertising must be clear and berisiketerangan complete and easy to read. To it in rule-peraturantersebut, especially in the decision of Dirjen POM. Loaded tatacara terperinciyang need a girlfriend by maker label.For products of desain kemasan produk ikan indonesia food supplies for the purpose of export, pelabelan of course should also pay attention to the rules pelabelan applicable in the country of destination export.

The Label can be a simple pinned on a product, or a picture that’s designed for complicated and become part of the pack. Lebel can bring a brand, or a large amount of information. Even if a seller chooses lebel’s simple, the law probably requires a lot more.
More perform a few functions :

Labels verifying the product or brand, for example the name of suncist the dilekatkan on orange, etc.
The Label can promote the product through the graphics interesting. New technology allows lebel wrapped-susutkan 360 degrees to wrap the containers with the graphics are bright and accommodate information products are more much on the consumer to replace the lebel paper dilekatkan on cans and bottles.

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