Uniqueness Features Collections Of Google Plus

Uniqueness Features Collections Of Google Plus

Google plus collections

Google’s social networking, Google Plus apparently still does not want to give up to compete with Facebook and other social #media. Having in mind devoid of user activity, Plus Google keeps trying to improve our features and services in order to attract users to linger over using Goole account Plusnya.
Uniqueness Features Collections Of Google Plus
Google Plus indeed is not large, users had no recorded so far Google has had the 2.2 billion Plus users. But unfortunately only 9 percent of the total active users to publish content to the public. And since the beginning of this year 2015, recorded only around 0.3 percent of the users posting to the public.

So from that on Tuesday night, may 5, 2015 yesterday, Google launched plus features Collections to increase the liveliness of its users. And then as to whether the features that inspired social media #Pinterest this fact? Following his review.

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Usability Features Collections

With the Collections, users will be facilitated to create a collection of posts that later could be constantly updated (updated). Don’t just make a collection of post, with this other user’s Collections feature can also follow collection that is already made.

How to use this feature is very easy when you share a post or make it from a page that is already provided by Google, Plus an interesting post placement options to these Collections will appear and ready to use.

The features in it could contain content photos and videos could also be divisible (share) for a particular person, public or closed only to the users only.

The latest feature is apparently very important for the development of #Google Plus. This proved to be a welcome from Chief Architect of Google Plus, Jonathan Zunger very enthusiastic. Features that have long been used by the internal Google Plus will allow its users to follow a particular theme with posts made by an account, said Zunger.
Will Continue To Be Developed

Collections of the latest attempt is #Google to enable Google Plus social networking service. Until the current user activity on Google Plus indeed identified more related activity on other Google services such as comments on YouTube and a blog post on Blogger connected with Google Plus.

This means that the post made was not directly done in the Google site Plus itself. Then Google Plus now his fate just as shelter from the site other Google services.

This is because of the things Google Plus continue to do efforts and efforts. In 2012, Plus Google has launched Communities feature, a service similar to online forums or message boards. Features of Communities has been serving its members to discuss various specific things fit the theme of community.

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