What causes Allergic Eye?

What causes Allergic Eye? With regard to the causes of eye allergies, then it is generally caused by the make-up is applied on the eyelids and surrounding areas. Consider, if you are just replacing the type of make-up then followed by itchy eye allergy symptoms, it means showing that the new cosmetic as the cause.
What causes Allergic Eye
Some of the drugs that you drink can cause an allergic reaction that was first seen around the eyes, with swelling and redness of the eyelids and the skin around the eyes. Some medications, antibiotics, and glaucoma eye drops, contact lens solutions and can also cause allergic reactions. The skin around the eye is very sensitive, and some people will develop an allergic reaction to certain cosmetic products.
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In some people especially who are young and don’t have allergies to certain substances, can develop a variant of the allergies of the eye called “vernal conjunctivitis”. This is a seasonal eye allergies, which are characterized by the presence of large lumps under the eyelids and can make symptoms of severe itching eyes, watery, and swollen eyelids.

Phlyctenulosis is the associated blepharitis complications the cornea and conjunctiva. Bacteria at the edge of the eyelids (blepharitis) will produce toxins that spread to the mucous lining of the eyes and irritate eyes. In this reaction, complications, hypersensitivity or allergic reaction develops on the cornea or conjunctiva.

Symptoms include red eyes, itching, burning, and the sensation that something is mengganal in the eye, especially when flashing. Sometimes white patches can be seen near the edge of the cornea.

Treatment aimed at treating the underlying blepharitis, and in turn can help the cornea to heal. This condition is treated with a good response with the eyes of steroids. Precautionary measures including cleaning the eyelids to prevent hypersensitivity reactions.

7 Step hand-washing Way according to WHO
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Hand washing was easy!!, my son a mother’s words to his son. There are many types of germs ditelapak hands, according to a study of germs on the keyboard of the computer more than germ on toilet seats, meaning more hands interacting with germs than members of the other body.

The habit of hand washing is very important to apply the family so that our families spared from a wide range of disease caused by the germ. Our little family did it and our children aged 2 years always ask for hand-washing before and after meals, after playing or going to bed or at any time when his hands feel dirty diya and need to be washed, regardless it wash it off with water play we’ve been very pleased to see the development that always want to clean.

Basically hand washing not just wet my hands only, but also we have to know how to wash your hands properly. Why do we have to wash your hands properly?? Because germs are not easy to die or disappear if only with wet hands with water only, remember germs are very easy to breed. Therefore follow 7 step hand washing correctly according to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION as follows:

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