Why choose Brown as a minimalist House Paint?

One of the most minimalist house cat favorite is chocolate. It is not without reason. The reason, chocolate is chocolate and natural color, so favored by many people, not only in the West but also in tropical areas like Indonesia. It is not difficult to find modern homes as well as natural brown color, for the color it does have many advantages.

Brown paint color as a minimalist House presents a friendly and welcoming atmosphere as well as soothe. Well, here are the advantages of brown color to paint your home:
Bring the natural impression; Yes, Brown is a color that is grounded, is a representation of the color of the wood, soil, animals, and other natural elements. Well, Brown could be the color options for you who want a comfortable and peaceful occupancy.

Elegant and character is a representation of a high level of stability. Therefore, this color is recommended for a room, where its occupants requires high levels of concentration, such as a study room and work space.
Why choose Brown as a minimalist House Paint

Disguise the stain; Street dust, smoke, mud, or graffiti kids in dining can ruin the look of your residence. Well, you could disguise the stain on the wall by selecting the paint color as Brown minimalist house looks ahead. In addition, Brown also hide damage on the walls due to the influence of the weather, such as rain and hot sun. So, if you are using wooden elements on the facade of the House, then we recommend that you apply enough pelitur brown color to protect at the same time keep it shiny and damage can be disguised.

In addition to these three advantages over, Brown also became a favorite choice as a minimalist house paint or interior paint looks ahead according to the Feng Shui in the last few years. What is the reason?

You include people who consider Feng Shui when designing a House? It turns out that Brown favored one Feng Shui energy support owing to very strong. According to Feng Shui, Brown is a symbol of strength, elements that are grounded, stability, and wooden elements. Related colors, such as dark chocolate, coffee, and chocolate brown wood can invite health, money, energy or popularity or reputation.

According to¬†jasa bangun rumah gresik online for Feng Shui, too, a combination of minimalist House Paint Brown with blue is one of the most widely used option for interior design. This combination contains a combination of wooden elements of energy between Brown and blue color of the water element, so that the two are mutually supportive. Brown also is recommended to be applied at the entrance, in the living room, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom (but not recommended for a child’s bedroom).

The combination of soothing chocolate in the bedroom-Shutterstock

In short, Brown is a color that is rich and full of energy, as well as being stabilised. So, feel free choosing chocolate as a minimalist house paint for residential comfort, calm and energized.

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